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While we wait.

Eventhough the Visual Studio.NET 2005 beta2 is awesome it does not provide strong tools for table creation and manipulating within SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.

Until MS release the next version of Enterprise Manager (titled MS SQL Manager Studio), take a look at EMS MS SQL Manager which also provide Microsoft® SQL 2005 support and can be downloaded for free (trial version).

Also if you're finding AJAX like technology interesting check out GOOGLE Suggest Beta - As you type, Google will offer suggestions..  Did anyone say "COOL!!".



Cruising in Aalborgs fastest speedboat most of the day together with Hanne (my girlfriend) and Peter (the owner of the boat - see above) is awesome fun. Remember to get away from the computer and just do "nothing" (in this case, drink beer and enjoy the sun!) ... check out this site for more information about stress management.

ASP.NET 2.0 Provider Toolkit

If you're into building your own Providers, the "ASP.NET 2.0 Provider Toolkit" includes full source-code and information about building your own Providers for Membership, Role Management, Health Monitoring and Personalization in ASP.NET v2.0.

The Toolkit currently include source-code for the Beta1 Access provider. Later this year it will be updated with Provider support for SQL Server, SQL Express and AD/AZMan.

Download ASP.NET Provider Toolkit

Read more on the Blog of ScottGu

Scene Event #11

The 'demo-scene' in Denmark is still alive and kickin' - I've just returned from SceneEvent #11, where I found time to read quite a bit of the ASP.NET v2.0 QuickStart tutorials, drink too much coffee, chat with old friends of the past (Yo, Niemeier!), watch some of the many entries in various competitions .. and of course eat BBQ and drink beer! :-) .. Greetings to all you guys - see ya' next year!

Do the beta!

If you're interested in checking out all the new cool features of ASP.NET v2.0, Visual Studio.NET 2005 and MS SQL Server 2005, Microsoft is still giving away "Visual Studio 2005 Beta Experience" DVD's.

The DVD can be ordered at - the package also contains the huge sample application "We Fly 247 .NET" - check out the 247 project website at 

gettin' into bloggin'

After months of trying to find time to update my personal website - and failed - due to the never-ending list of projects on my TODO list, I've decided to skip the site and publish a blog.

From this point in time, I'll try to keep you updated with my thoughts and opinions on current events, plus - of course - lots of information about funny and interesting 'nerd stuff'.

So .. happy reading, and remember to check back frequently.