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web.config / membership

Trying to figure out all the settings for Membership in the web.config file? - If so, take a look at this article about implementing a Membership Provider.

What is business logic?

Jacob (a former student), now an addicted .NET coder, asked me about what exactly is the definition of BLL (Business Logic Layer). I checked (of course), however they don't have a clear definition. So we used GOOGLE instead and Jacob found this very detailed article about Business Logic Layer and more...

She's the one..


Finally the day of our longawaited wedding came around - on the 24th of June I said "Ja" (I do!) to my lovely girlfriend through 9 years, Hanne Toft .. soon to be Hanne Toft Andersen.

The above image was shot by my very good friend Kim Jensen who is - apart from being an ASP freak :-) - an excellent photographer .. be sure to check out his online portfolio.