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Don't EVER pay DROA!!

A scam company by the name of DROA (Domain Registry Of America) is currently very busy sending out FAKE invoices to owners of .COM, .BIZ etc. domains .. I've already received two this week, however DON'T EVER PAY THESE INVOICES!! - It's a scam and you'll end up loosing all your money.

Peter Larsen from GratisDNS have put together a great information page - be sure to check it out:

Protect your children!

As a former instructor/teacher I'm amazed, or maybe I should rather say puzzled, about the fact that very few parents I've talked to, have installed Internet Filter software on the childrens computer. The fact that most of the children have a computer + free Internet (ADSL) in the own room only makes this even worse!

So I would like all parents reading this to visit - It's a free Internet Filter, which is also used by several danish schools.

Wether parents choose to use Filter software or not is - of course - entirely their decision, however I only encourage you to take an active stand on the matter...