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Only one week to SIGGRAPH - Once again I'm visiting the worlds largest convention about 3D computer graphics. This year the action takes place in San Diego. Furthermore I've also received my reservation ticket for the Softimage User Event tuesday evening at the Spreckels Theatre - it's going to be really awesome!

I hope to meet a lot of the "bad boys" from the danish 3D scene! - I'm staying at the Sofia Hotel which is located really close to the San Diego Convention Center - If you read this and you're in town, just drop a note at the frontdesk and we'll meet and drink a cold beer or two :-)

I'll try to find the time to update my blog with photos from the event, after all .. Computers with Internet access does not tend to be rare at SIGGRAPH.

The truth shall set you free!

I was sitting quietly .. minding my own business .. listning to "P3" the #1 danish radio station - The clock turned 07:00 and the hourly news comes on - Nothing new really: A number of people killed in riots in the 3rd world, a guy was stapped last weekend in Copenhagen and yet another global warming convention .. and once again I'm amazed by the fact that the big lie of global warming refuses to die when almost all studies (not to mention common sense!) shows that solar activity is far more influential on global warming and cooling than any other man-made or natural activity on Earth.

I might be wrong of course, however after having read a number of articles about the matter, e.g. "Nine lies about global warming", watching both the BBC documentary and The Great Global Warming Swindle film, I'm pretty convinced that there are forces far more superior than mankind which influences the climate!

If you're interested in reading more - take a look at

Disable Shutdown Event Tracker on Windows Server 2003

If you like me use multiple virtual machines running Windows 2003 server (for various testing and developing) you'll quickly get *really* tired of the Shutdown Event Tracker which pops up everytime you want to restart/shutdown.

Thankfully there is a way to disable this feature. Do the following:

  1. Log in to the machine with Administrator rights.
  2. Open Group Policy, then load the group policy you want to apply the change to. (Note: On a computer that is not a part of a domain you can set this feature locally by running GPEDIT.MSC from the Run command.)
  3. Expand Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System.
  4. Double-click Display Shutdown Event Tracker.
  5. Select Disabled.
  6. Click OK to close all dialog boxes.
  7. Reboot :-)

Toad for SQL Server

TOAD has released a new version of their FREE utility for SQL Server aka Toad for SQL Server Freeware - If you don't know this great utility you're missing out - it's an excellent alternative to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

Force page break using CSS

I'm currently working on a project which involves a lot of printing from the browser and needed to control page breaks. I found out that this can actually be achieved really simple using CSS. All you have to do is insert a tag like this before your page break:

<br style="page-break-before:always">

You can do other cool things, but that have to wait for another post :) .. MSDN contains more information about this - check it out!

VB.NET to C# Converter

From time to time I find a good article where the code sample is written in VB.NET, however as a C# coder I don't want to use a lot of time doing a conversion - instead I use this VB.NET to C# code converter .. it has some minor bugs, but all-in-all it's pretty good and takes care of +90% of the work.

GOA WinForms for Microsoft Silverlight

If you're exicted about Silverlight you might want to check out "GOA WinForms for Microsoft Silverlight" which is a implementation of Windows Forms on top of Silverlight by a company called Netika.The product comes in two editions: Free and Professional - The free edition includes all the standard Controls included in the System.Windows.Forms library (about 40 controls). This is truely AWESOME! - Here's the mandatory links :-)

Download the Free Edition
Try out the Design Surface demo
Live demo of the controls

Need a new web design?

If you're looking for a new design for your website and are too busy to spend hours in Photoshop (or you're simply just lazy! :-), I recommend checking out - This is an online repository of free HTML site templates that you can browse, download and use.  The templates on the site are pure HTML (meaning you can use them with any server-side programming technology), and are built using clean CSS and XHTML markup.

Burn ISO files in Windows Vista/XP

Phew .. been a while since I've had time to do some Bloggin' - been busy at work with the new Sonofon website, planning my upcomming holiday to Siggraph (the largest 3D event in the world) and poking on a 'heavy-duty' ASP.NET AJAX Web Application :-) .. Anyway, time to start writing a bit again!

I've just downloaded the beta 3 of Windows 2008 server (aka "Longhorn") and are planning to install it on my old ShuttleX - The download is in the form of a 1.8GB ISO file, however Windows Vista does not native support burning ISO files .. after a bit of Googling I stumbled upon this great little utility from the Vista PowerToys group called ISOrecorder .. approx. 300KB download and then burning ISO files is a matter of right clicking the file in Explorer - Enjoy!!