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Orcas Beta2, Silver 1.1 alpha, Expression Blend

I've downloaded the Orcas Beta 2 and installed Silverlight 1.1 and Express Blend Preview (August) on my main workstation at home (all inside a Virtual PC 2007 with 2GB memory allocated). The virtual harddrive files are located on a WD Raptor 10.000 RPM drive - damn, this rocks!! - Compared to my IBM T60 at work (using a encrypted 7.200 RPM drive and only 512MB allocated memory) this configuration is about 10 times faster!!

Anyway .. If you're planning to have a deeper look at Silverlight, be sure to take a look at the Silverlight Learning Guide.

Use Windows Live ID in your Web App

You can start to use the Windows Live™ ID authentication service today. The API works both on your Web site and in your client applications.

To try it out now or just to find out more, visit the Windows Live Dev site.

Waiting for our plane

Our airplane is 3 hours late!! - I'm sitting in San Diego National Airport which (as one of the few!) airports actually have free WiFi (nice! - making the wait time more acceptable!). The last few days in Los Angeles have been great fun. We met with our friends Joachim and Anette (check Joachims travel blog) which are traveling around the world for a whole year.

We all went to Universal Studios and the thrilling Magic Mountain, awesome. Hanne and I tried (almost) all the rides in the park, and "Superman" and "X" is truely fun. If you're visiting L.A. be sure to schedule a day for a trip to Magic Mountain :-)

Tuesday I'm attending a "Meet Microsoft" meeting in Århus where the topic is the upcomming technology called Silverlight - really exciting stuff.

Hoover Dam

We went to Hoover Dam the other day. It's truely an impressive structure. I've been there before (on my first visit to Vegas), but it was Hannes first visit and she took +100 pictures of the structure and even a small video (with our Powershot A80 digital camera) which I promised to put up on the blog - so here it is: HooverDam.wmv (2.15 mb)

It's Grand!!

We went to Zion National Park and Grand Canyon, North Rim yesterday .. and now I know why it's called the Grand Canyon!!  :-)

Doing the strip.

We've arrived at Las Vegas - the ultimate fun town .. and it sure is both fun and HOT!! - Today we reached 107F (41,6C) - Thank God for air conditioning, I say. Today we went to Hoover Dam and tomorrow we'll be shopping and going to see the JUBILEE show (the most popular show in Vegas at the moment!) .. we're of course going to the 10:30PM edition (the one with semi-nude girls :-) .. and best of all, we got the $88 tickets per person completely FREE.

Anyway .. the gallery at have been updated with photos, however Internet Access in Vegas is quite expensive ($11,95 for 24 hours in our hotel room), and we're staying on the 18th floor - so connecting to unsecure private networks is not an option! - When we get to San Francisco we will (hopefully) find a lot of unsecure WiFi's (as in San Diego) we can connect to! Until then .. have fun, and I hope the weather in Denmark is getting better...


Many things can be said about the Americans, but they do know how to put together a show! - We went to SeaWorld yesterday, mostly to see the Killer Whales and Dolphines. I figured it was a great way to try out the video functionality of my new K810 phone - Click here to download (9.03 mb) .. the intro scene for the awesome Killer Whale show called SHAMU ROCKS!!

San Diego - Pictures

The first pictures from our trip to Siggraph 2007 have been uploaded to the gallery. You can have a look at (I know, weird domain name! :-) - The gallery will be updated as we continue our journey throughout California, so be sure to check back.

San Diego .. here we are!

After more than 28 hours of travelling, Hanne and I have set foot on San Diego ground :-) .. Today we've been walking around the city and taking a 2 hour trip around the harbour, looking at a lot of US Navy ships and of course the San Diego Convention Center - home of Siggraph 2007 - which begins (Exhibition) on tuesday. Below is a picture of the Convention Center we took from our cruise.

Virtual PC and AltGr key on some European keyboards

If you are having trouble with "Alt Gr" key on your Danish keyboard in Virtual PC, be sure to change the "Host Key" in Settings to something other than "Right Alt" which is exactly "Alt Gr". I'm using "Pause" button, but feel free to use what suits you best.