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LINQ to SQL visualizer plug-in

If you're running Visual Studio 2008 and are poking around with LINQ you might have noticed that the great tool "LINQ to SQL Visualizer" which was included in the beta releases of VS2008 is nowhere to be found. For what-ever reason, Microsoft decided not to include visualizer with the RTM version of VS2008.

However it's possible to download a Visual Studio Project, compile the Visualizer Project into a DLL and then add the .dll files to your VS 2008 "Visualizers" folder.

I've downloaded the project and did a (debug) build of it so you don't have to - the LINQ to SQL visualizer plug-in can be downloaded right here in binary format: (22.98 kb)

Now all you have to do is this:

1. Unzip the .zip file

2. Copy the two files into the Visualizers directory, which by default is located at C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Visualizers. You may have to create the Visualizers directory. In Windows XP and earlier versions, use the My Documents directory rather than Documents. If you have permissions, you can also copy the file to the following directory:...\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\Packages\Debugger\Visualizers.

3. Exit Visual Studio and restart to make sure that the visualizer is recognized.

To test the visualizer, simply debug your favorite LINQ project and set a breakpoint at your "var query = from ...", and hover the move pointer over the variable name query and click the magnifying glass icon that appears - Voila the resulting SQL (from the LINQ expression) is shown and you can even edit/execute to see the result.

This is what you should be looking for (the magnifying glass icon is present):

.NET 3.5 and VS 2008 posters

Just a quick post - A couple of really nice to have downloads:

- The .NET Namespaces Poster (990.29 kb) have been updated to include the new .NET v3.5 namespaces.
- Visual 2008 Shortcut Keys Poster (920.32 kb) is also available too.

Free C# 3.0 / LINQ training

InnerWorkings has teamed up with Microsoft to offer a couple of free hands-on learning samplers. The promotion is only available for a limited time so hurry up and register for your free training at the Visual Studio 2008 Promotion website