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Create a game with Popfly

It's fun to create your own game (trust me, I know! :) .. and now, it's easy too! Using Popfly's game creator anyone can now be a game designer. Check it out at Popfly Beta.

Design your own favicon

Take a closer look at - A cool, little web2.0 website which let you design your own favicon. Actually, I'll prefer using Photoshop and then use the 'import file' feature! :-)

HD crash!!

Arghh!!! - My primary harddisk which contains all my websites, office documents, mail data etc. crashed a couple of hours ago! - It was a 10K RPM WD Raptor (74GB) - However since I do regular backup of all my data, and use SubVersion for all my source code/websites, I havn't lost a single file .. phew! And it only took about 2-3 hours to restore all data from my RAID1 box.

So .. REMEMBER to backup your data - it's not a question of wether your harddrive will fail, only a question when it will happen! - If you're looking for a great backup util. for windows, take a closer look at Corbian Backup