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Eyetracking Google Search Results

Eyetools research have made a study of Google search engine, which resulted in a Heatmap showing how people search/scan the Google Search Results page.

If you're into SEO this information might be worth to notice! You can see the heatmap and Google "Golden triangle" on

Unable to Log into network shares on Vista

I had a very strange problem the other day. I tried to connect to a share on a Windows embedded device (a Lacie NAS), however no matter what I tried my Vista (64bit) would not connect, but my laptop running Windows XP had no problem.

I found out that if you cannot authenticate when accessing a shared folder from a Windows Vista-based computer on a computer running a version of Windows prior to
Windows XP (such as Windows 98 or Windows 95), a computer running an operating system other than Microsoft Windows, or to a network device, the cause might be a mismatch in the configured support for NTLM 2, an authentication protocol that is used for file and printer sharing connections. By default, Windows Vista is configured to use NTLM2.

To solve the problem I had to change the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\LMCompatibilityLevel registry value on the computer running Windows Vista to 1.