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Sketching with Firefox

Simon showed me a cool Firefox addon the other day: The Pencil Project - which is an opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping, turning Firefox into a sketching tool.

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image

If you're into Virtual Machines, you can download Virtual Images from Microsoft (free!) which includes IE6, IE7 and IE8 (beta2).

The virtual machine images can be downloaded right here...

Run additional browsers without impact

If you would to test your website in additional browsers (e.g. Firefox, Opera, Safari), and you don't really like to install these, you can use ThinDownload.

Thinstall is an application virtualization platform that enables complex software to be delivered as self-contained EXE files which can run instantly with zero installation from any data source - really cool and useful.

TechEd 2008 - Day 4

Today I heard more about ADO.NET Data Services, which is really cool stuff. The PPTX file from the Session (called "Building and consuming REST-based data services for the Web") is available for download:

WUX313_Flasko.pptx (2.59 mb)

A few 'mood images' from the 4th TechEd day...

General Session about power usage in data centers

One of the many coffee "corners" at the conference

The delegate work area

Lunch area

Public bicycles for the people of Barcelona


TechEd 2008 - Day 3

3rd day at TechEd, which also was the day for the "Country Drinks" meeting at Buda Bar.

..but first a PPTX from one of the more interesting Sessions: 

eCommerce and Microsoft's next generation Web (2.33 mb)

And a few images from day 3... 

Rushing between Sessions...

All the other sponsors showing off their products

Microsoft says "Velkommen"

We're a beer drinking nation :-)

The staff at Buda Bar .. and no, they don't attend TechEd :-)


TechEd 2008 - Day 2

Tons of cool stuff today. Below are some of the PowerPoints from some of the sessions I attended (due to the pretty slow WiFi at the hotel, only a subset is available!)

Microsoft_Silverlight_2_for_Mobile_MBL308_Sardo.pptx (1.16 mb)

Data-Centric_Web_Applications_WUX311_Carter.pptx (1.26 mb)

Introduction_to_ASPNET_MVC_WUX303_Carter.pptx (1.84 mb)

.. and of course a couple of images. The first 5 is actually from 10th November, and the last one from today.

People "meeting in" (and heading for the coffee bar!)

Keynote / Auditorium


Welcome party

4.2kg DELL vs. my 1.26kg Acer Aspire

la sagrada familia

TechEd 2008 - Day 1

Welcome to TechEd EMEA 2008

The registration area / hall

One of the many WiFi areas

I've arrived at TechEd 2008 - The keynote is in less than 2 hours and lunch is, well .. now actually .. I've taken a few images and are planning to upload new images and links everyday (if the WiFi gods are with me! :-)

Well.. lunch time! :-)

PDC2008 session videos online!

All the session videos from Professional Developers Conference 2008 are now available online, so grap your favorite cup, brew a nice hot cappuccino and start watching...

Let's have a drink!

If you're a dane and attending Tech.Ed EMEA 2008 for developers, be sure to attend the "country drink" meeting on the 12th november in Barcelona. Details are here (in danish) .. I'll be looking forward to saying "Skål.." :-)


Where are you? - FlagFox knows!

If you're curious, like me, you might be wondering where on earth the website your currently browsing is located (hosted). A little utility called FlagFox will tell you. It does so by displaying a small flag icon in the address bar .. pretty cute! :)

Download away...