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New scripting language

I just stumbled upon this interesting product:

It is a script engine replacement like KIX, but with a lot more features. It is more of a fourth generation scripting language than all other scripting tools, which is great for login scripts and installations. For people who are not PowerShell or VBScript fanatics, this is certainly worth checking out.

Disable "This page has an unspecified potential security risk" dialog

Have you ever right-clicked on a file from a mapped share and gotten this really irritating popup message from Windows? Even more annoying, when you try and drag and drop files from a network share, you get another popup asking "Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?"

The HowToGeek website has an excellent blog post about how to get rid of this! - Check it out...

Pack your JavaScript

I've tried a couple of JavaScript packers, but found quite a few of them actually caused the JS to fail (making them quite useless!), however Rick Strahl have made a nice little "Click Once" application which does the trick (e.g. compressed a 15K .js file used on my site down to 9.7K, according to Fiddler).

So for a quick and easy load time performance for your website, remember to pack your .js files - try out the utility right here!  (Source Code is also available if you'll like to modify anything!)