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OCZ Vertex Solid State Disk

My new 60GB OCZ Vertex Solid State Disk arrived the day before Easter so of course I had to spend some time installing it during the holiday. It's installed into my Lenovo R61 Core2Duo laptop, replacing the standard (and very slow!) 160GB Lenovo 5400RPM drive.

My plan was to use the "Complete PC Backup" in Vista Business to restore the original OS onto the SSD. Unfortunately it seems that it's not possible to restore to a smaller drive eventhough I made sure only to use about 50GB diskspace on the old (larger) drive - so I had to re-install the entire OS.

Installing Vista x64 was done without any problems. The SSD was found by Vista Install and everything during installation worked as expected.

When the OS booted for the first time (which took about 12 seconds) I knew that I was going to love my new OCZ Vertex SSD. It's immediately apparent that this drive is awesome fast. OCZ states that the drive speed are.. Read: up to 230 MB/s, Write: Up to 135MB/s, Sustained Write: Up to 70MB/s .. and best of all: 64MB Onboard Cache and Seek Time < 0.1ms .. which is about 50x times faster that the WD VelociRaptor and 150x times faster than the original Lenovo 5400RPM drive.

The best way to describe this hardware upgrade: It's like getting a new computer!! Everything is lightning fast and it really makes you think about how big a bottleneck the harddrive is on a modern computer. I havn't done any drive performing- or benchmark tests (I leave that up to the profs), but I can give some examples: Installing Visual Studio 2008 Professional was done in 8.5 minutes (which took more than an hour on my 5400RPM drive), cloning a 200MB .zip file placed on the desktop took under 1 second (actually first I thought that I missed the Ctrl+V key and did it again .. only to realize that now I had 3 copies of my 200MB .zip file), programs launch at unbelievable speed, to mention my favorite: Visual Studio takes about 1 second to appear.

I can highly recommend this drive to anyone who wants to speed up their computer. Forget all about upgrading your CPU and RAM (as long you have at least 2-3GB) - you simply can't buy anything that will speed up your computer as much as an OCZ Vertex drive for the same amount of money.

For more information about the OCZ Vertex Series of SSD visit the OCZ Technology website. A good review of the Vertex SSD can be found at  If you want to see the drive "in action" take a look at the many Vertex SSD vidoes on YouTube. Should you decide to buy one, make sure to check out the recommended performance tips/tricks on the OCZ Forum.

Umbraco presentation at AANUG

Per Ploug Hansen from Umbraco has uploaded the source code from the AANUG Umbraco Presentation on the Umbraco blog. Umbraco 4.0 is really looking nice. A big thank-you to Per for showing us the In's and Out's of Umbraco. We're looking forward to a follow-up presentation :-)