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Courier – the dream device from MS


Gizmodo has published the first details about Microsoft’s upcoming “booklet PC” and if the video holds true, it seems to be awesome .. and I for sure want one!

Check out the (unconfirmed) facts here:

SQL Azure Manager


If you’re into SQL Azure you have probably found out that SSMS is not fully compliant with SQL Azure, which means that you more-or-less have to use SQLCMD to do any real work (which kind of sucks!)

Today, however I discovered SQL Azure Manager which is a lightweight tool for managing SQL Azure databases – it’s MUCH better than using SQLCMD and can be downloaded at:

Subversion, MKACTIVITY, and 403 forbidden .. all due to different case!!

Just a quick note to remind myself (and others!) that case is PRETTY important when using Subversion (SVN) .. even on Windows (yeah, go figure!!)

Leif, Rene and I (well mostly Leif and Rene – I’m just supplying the SVN server! :-) are working on changes to the website. Being a SVN guy, I of course have the website under source control .. but when Leif and Rene tried to COMMIT any changes they both received a 403 Forbidden error which looks something like this:

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: MKACTIVITY of '/aanugdk/!svn/act/1f177b34-1601-...': 403 Forbidden

I tried updating my Subversion, but same error. Then we tried updating our TortoiseSVN .. again – still same error.

Finally I found this article .. and it all boils down to that fact that my Repository was named “aanugDK”, but it was checked out as “aanugdk”, which works fine until you try to commit anything and you’ll receive the above error .. and this despite that Subversion and Apache is running on Windows 2008 server.

RememberTheMilk for Android

I’m enjoying my HTC Magic more and more every day – today I found Astrid, which is able to synch with RememberTheMilk .. and together with this Vista Gadget you’re always close to your ToDo list – how cool is that!!

View your Google Calendar in Outlook 2007

As the *VERY* happy owner of a HTC Magic phone, I use Google Calendar to sync with my phone. However, I also use Outlook a lot and found this cool article about how to view your Google Calendar in Outlook 2007:


Update: I forgot to mention the Google Calendar Agenda Vista Gadget – to view, edit and add event to your Google calendars from the sidebar.

My new desk…

I started at my new job today and thought I’ll share an image of my new desk with you – the first day is all about setting up hardware, LAN, WiFi, installing software etc.

People are really friendly and I’m still trying to remember their names! (I find it so much easier to remember numbers! :-)

After work I finally got around to update my blog to the newest version of BlogEngine.NET, which has much better support for Windows Live Writer (now the image upload finally works, yah!!)

So .. I’ll try to post more frequently in the future (I hope that will reduce the number of sarcastic comments about the lack of updates! :-)