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Android + Evernote == perfect combination

If you own an Android (or iPhone for that matter) you owe it to yourself check out Evernote (

Evernote makes it extremely easy to save your ideas, things you see, things you like etc., and find them all on any computer, phone or device you use.

I use Evernote to:

  • Take pictures of business cards and make these searchable via the awesome OCR functionality of Evernote
  • Mark text (e.g. information about conferences, address information etc.) in Firefox and with a single click create a note which I can see on my Android phone
  • Using the Windows application easily tag, sort and organize notes into Notebooks
  • Using the “folder watch” feature (Windows application), drop a file into a folder and auto generate a note (in my “Imported” notebook) containing all the information, and having it available on my Android (e.g. PDF files, .txt files etc.)
  • Take images of ‘everything’ for later use, e.g. wine labels, recipes, signs and more – all searchable through the OCR feature of Evernote
  • Store important information in Emails on my phone, simply marks the text in Outlook and with a single click create a note.

Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools

Microsoft have released a set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity. I especially like the ‘Highlight Current Line’ feature which makes it easy to locate the line where the cursor is located, like this:


Another cool feature is the ability to color tabs according to their project, like this:


The extensions contains a lot of other nice stuff, check it out / download of from MSDN: