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Webshop launched

The new B2C edition of our games and movies shop, located at is finally online.

The site is built using Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET 4.0, Webform Routing, LINQtoSQL, jQuery and various other technologies.

The system uses LINQtoSQL as ORM and a custom build Repository on-top to handle all data access/business logic. A quick look at the DBML reveals a rather complex database schema as we exchange a lot of data with our ERP system (Axapta).


The Solutions currently consists of 9 projects in total: 7 class library and 2 websites.


The frontend website (webshop) uses Webform Routing to achieve SEO friendly URLs


The backend website controls the all the frontend webshop’s (it’s possible to run multiple webshops on the same backend), data exchange with Axapta, CMS, CRM etc.


.. it’s been lot’s of fun to build the system from the ground up (I started with a completely ‘clean plate’), and are now working on the B2B website.