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Thailand ..a different world!

Hanne and I spent our whole summer vacation in Thailand (4 weeks), which is an awesome place. We loved it, and are definitely planning to go there again!

The country has a lot of (for us) really nice “features”: the weather, (very) friendly people, it’s (really) cheap (compared to Denmark), and from a “geek perspective” there is free WiFi in every shop and guesthouse, plus their 3G network is actually surprisingly good / well-working.

I traved with my Asus Zenbook as I had to be able to do a bit mail support and work an hour or two each week, and we seldom had problems finding a quick and free WiFi – awesome!

Just thought I would share a couple of pictures from the trip – so here we go…


1: Tuk-tuk’s at the end of Khao San road in Bangkok2013-06-05 10.57.54

2: Street food is really, really tasty and cheap
2013-06-06 15.36.47

3: My beautifil wife enjoying a Coconut ice-cream at a market in Bangkok
2013-06-08 13.05.40

4: The view from our bungalow in Bang Krut2013-06-17 14.30.41

5: Me feeding a young baby leopard.

6: Yummi street food, seafood in Thailand is the best (did I mention it was cheap!!)2013-06-15 13.32.58