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I’m teaching again…

I’ve started teaching again, and so far I really like it! :-)  The students and staff are really friendly, and the topics are great (web development, databases, operating systems etc.)

The place is called University College Nordjylland or simply UCN, and the place where I teach is at Sofiendalsvej in Aalborg which looks like this:


I’m planning to use this blog to post articles of interest for the students – so keep tuned!

Thailand ..a different world!

Hanne and I spent our whole summer vacation in Thailand (4 weeks), which is an awesome place. We loved it, and are definitely planning to go there again!

The country has a lot of (for us) really nice “features”: the weather, (very) friendly people, it’s (really) cheap (compared to Denmark), and from a “geek perspective” there is free WiFi in every shop and guesthouse, plus their 3G network is actually surprisingly good / well-working.

I traved with my Asus Zenbook as I had to be able to do a bit mail support and work an hour or two each week, and we seldom had problems finding a quick and free WiFi – awesome!

Just thought I would share a couple of pictures from the trip – so here we go…


1: Tuk-tuk’s at the end of Khao San road in Bangkok2013-06-05 10.57.54

2: Street food is really, really tasty and cheap
2013-06-06 15.36.47

3: My beautifil wife enjoying a Coconut ice-cream at a market in Bangkok
2013-06-08 13.05.40

4: The view from our bungalow in Bang Krut2013-06-17 14.30.41

5: Me feeding a young baby leopard.

6: Yummi street food, seafood in Thailand is the best (did I mention it was cheap!!)2013-06-15 13.32.58

Control your Android from any browser

AirDroid is one of the coolest (free) apps I’ve seen for the Android in a long time!

AirDroid lets you wirelessly manage and control your Android device (a Samsung S3 in my case), from a web browser (read: Chrome).

With AirDroid you can send/receive SMS, install/uninstall apps, transfer files between Android device and computer (wireless), manage contacts, photos, music, videos, and ringtones .. all using a web browser – simply AWESOME!

It’s on Google Play of course! – and you can see a video or read more about it here:

Keep Firefox open when last tab is closed

If you use Firefox a lot (as I do!) you may (as I do!) find it annoying that the browser closes (quits) when the last tab is closed.

To fix this we need to type about:config into the address bar and find the browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab entry in the list. The value is be default set to true, however you need to change this to false.

That is! Smiley

Google AuthorRank

Google has introduced a new feature / way of work, called AuthorRank. Henrik Bondtofte has written a good blog post about this on Amino (in danish) – check it out here:

Popular freeware applications

SnapFiles have put together a great collection of popular freeware applications that have remained free for many years – actually, I use quite a few of these:

C# null-coalescing operator

I not-so-well known “secret” in C# is the null-coalescing operator. It is used to define a default value for nullable value types or reference types. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say your favorite ORM have created a Product class – to load a Product from your Repository, and if none is found, make a new instance, you can use the ?? operator like so:

Product p;
p = productRepository.GetProductByEAN(ean) ?? new Product();

Pretty nice and clean code if you ask me.

That’s it for now .. back to work Smiley

Cool preview of Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Adobe has also released bunch of cool webfonts (visit – however as a proper preview of the fonts are lacking, my cool friend Kim Jensen have made a nice little tool to do just that (preview the fonts) – check it out at:

Nice work, Kim (it’s still Beta – so watch out for future improvements)

New release of Ajax Control Toolkit works with ASP.NET 4.5

This is the first release of the Ajax Control Toolkit which supports the .NET 4.5 framework. Go check it out:

Change color theme in Visual Studio 2012

I’m not a huge fan of the grey (aka colorless) color scheme and icons etc. Microsoft has chosen for Visual Studio 2012 – I simply spend too much time now trying to find my files in Solution Explorer!

However a bit of color can be added if you download the Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor – You can make you own scheme, or select amongst a predefined set og colors and make VS2012 look like the below: