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Composite C1 - THE best open source .NET CMS?

I’m in the process of making a small website for a customer and after KimJ have recommended Composite C1 several times, I figured it was time to give it a go! Composite C1 was originally a commercial CMS (develop by Danes), however this changed September 2010 where it became free and open source, of... [More]

Awesome free book site!

Just talked to Kim (thank you so much for the link!) on Skype and he mentioned a very cool link: The site (as seen below) contains tons of free e-books about programming and web technologies: If you’re into C# – Be sure to check out this free book: Ultra-Fast ASP.NET 4.5,... [More]

Microsoft Virtual Academy–free learning from Microsoft Experts

This is mostly related to those of my students who are interested in learning Microsoft technologies: Take a look at the Microsoft Virtual Academy which offers “Free Microsoft Training Delivered by Experts” as stated on the website: This site includes 100s o... [More]

Free programmings books…

Kim pointed me to a great link with A LOT of free books in every area of computer programming, html, css, sql server and much much more:

ASP.NET Web Controls Naming Conventions

A consistent naming pattern is one of the most important elements of predictability and discoverability in a managed class library. Widespread use and understanding of these naming guidelines should eliminate unclear code and make it easier for developers to understand shared code. Here are Microso... [More]

Get 3 Months Free at Code School

If you’re interested in coding, you might want to check out this offer from New Relic. Thanks to REL (Rene) for mailing me this :-)

Free e-books

Syncfusion have released a bunch of free e-books which you can download here: The topics include (not complete list): - Typescript - jQuery - Windows Azure - Unit Testing - Knockout.js + other very inter... [More]

C# null-coalescing operator

I not-so-well known “secret” in C# is the null-coalescing operator. It is used to define a default value for nullable value types or reference types. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say your favorite ORM have created a Product class – to load a Product from your Repository, and if none is found, ma... [More]

Clean copy of LinqToSQL Entity object

Often you need to make a copy of a LinqToSQL (Entity) Object with all the values intact. For some reason the .NET framework does not have a method for this. However the below code will make a “clean copy” of a LinqToSQL object. // Instanciate new object and copy all properties from old Bi... [More]

AutoComplete, PageMethod and LINQtoSQL

I’m using AutoComplete to enhance the functionality of a TextBox and make it act like the below image, where the user enters the customer accountnumber, which is then displayed together with their name (the blurry stuff in the picture :-) As I have to use this function... [More]