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Nice way to show off swimsuits

Take a look at if you want to see a creative use of Flash and video to sell / show off Avantes swimsuite collection of 2009

Test your color IQ have put together a rather funny color IQ (and monitor!) test. The user (you) have to sort 80 color swatches according to hue. The lower score the better. Give your monitor and color IQ a go! As you can see from the above image I scored 4 - the remaining 4 points must be due to my mon... [More]

BT is using jQuery...

Yesterday when I passing by, this little alert box popped up:  bt-jquery.gif (81.88 kb) It seems that BT is also using jQuery, but is trying to optimize their server load!! :-)

Create a game with Popfly

It's fun to create your own game (trust me, I know! :) .. and now, it's easy too! Using Popfly's game creator anyone can now be a game designer. Check it out at Popfly Beta.

20 years old - and still going strong!!!

As some of you might know I started programming computers at the age of 12 on a Commodore Vic20, and after a couple of months moved on to the mighty Commodore64 (C64) where I did a lot of coding together with my very good (and oldest) friend Lars (LSP). Together we formed DGS (Danish Game Smas... [More]

Ipod - think different!

Kim^lwx send me this really funny link, and since I'm a big "fan" of Apple, I simply just have to share this one with you .. don't try this at home!

ASP.NET, Coffee and lots of snow!

Denmark is covered in tons of snow at the moment, so today is an unplanned day off - quite nice, actually .. gives me time to play around with the AJAX enabled Windows Sidebar gadget i'm working on (a gadget to send SMS). By the way - If you have some time to spare, check out the MIX &#... [More]

A day in the life... (PSP)

Well .. Chris Cunningham has Done it again - Awesome commercial for Sony PSP.

Take a trip down memory lane..

Browse through 40 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago - Take a trip down memory lane...   

Which OS are you?!?

Which OS are you?!? - I'm "Slackware Linux" :-) ... take this rather (weird) quiz at