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Lenovo Carbon X1 (2. generation) and PrtScn key

This may seem a bit “off topic”, but after having read numerous articles and blog posts about the Lenovo Carbon X1 (2. generation) and everyone is complaining about the missing PrtScn key on the keyboard .. I just wanted to let all my fellow Carbon X1 owners know, that if you press (and hold) the Fn... [More]

Canon EOS 350D and Windows 7 x64

Having been out a couple of hours today in the snow with my Canon EOS 350D, I discovered that Windows 7 x64 was unable to detect the camera. After some research I found out that if I changed the camera's USB connection mode from "PC" to "Print/PTP", Windows detected the camera wi... [More]

Cheap SSD from Kingston

I’ve just ordered a (cheap) 64GB SSD from Kingston for my HP Notebook which was “born” with the factory 5400RPM drive and it’s sloooooooow – however it’s nice to see that prices of SSD’s are finally dropping to a level where it’s affordable to say “bye bye” to those awfully slow HDs that most notebo... [More]

Courier – the dream device from MS

Gizmodo has published the first details about Microsoft’s upcoming “booklet PC” and if the video holds true, it seems to be awesome .. and I for sure want one! Check out the (unconfirmed) facts here:

View your Google Calendar in Outlook 2007

As the *VERY* happy owner of a HTC Magic phone, I use Google Calendar to sync with my phone. However, I also use Outlook a lot and found this cool article about how to view your Google Calendar in Outlook 2007: [More]

OCZ Vertex SSD Benchmark

René from work is currently testing out how much SSD will speed up the compilation process. In order to compare the SSD he is testing, I gave it at go at my Vertex SSD and the numbers it quite pleasing :) The test is “raw” I/O read and write and does not test the access time... [More]

OCZ Vertex Solid State Disk

My new 60GB OCZ Vertex Solid State Disk arrived the day before Easter so of course I had to spend some time installing it during the holiday. It's installed into my Lenovo R61 Core2Duo laptop, replacing the standard (and very slow!) 160GB Lenovo 5400RPM drive. My plan was to use the "... [More]

A small one: Acer Aspire One

I've bought an Acer Aspire One - got it with a 5% discount, which amounts to 2655,25 DKK (including VAT), at ComputerCity in Aalborg. Let it be stated: It's really, really small!!  It may come to no surprise, that I bought the Windows edition which contains everything a "real&... [More]

Virtual PC 2007 Hardware Virtualization

I've got a new PC, and it's really really fast!! :-) .. so - of course - I'm running Vista Business, 64 bit and installed Virtual PC 2007 on it a couple of days ago and was blown away by how extremely fast my virtual machine was running - in fact I could'nt tell the different between... [More]

My wife's a geek!

  Hanne bought a HTC Touch yesterday .. and now - eventhough I'm working at a mobile telephone company (Sonofon A/S) - she has a cooler phone that me (damn!) She actually (at first) wanted an iPhone - but come on ... It's an Apple (need I say more!... [More]