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Lenovo Carbon X1 (2. generation) and PrtScn key

This may seem a bit “off topic”, but after having read numerous articles and blog posts about the Lenovo Carbon X1 (2. generation) and everyone is complaining about the missing PrtScn key on the keyboard .. I just wanted to let all my fellow Carbon X1 owners know, that if you press (and hold) the Fn... [More]

Windows Phone development

As a .NET developer it’s kind of a “no-brainer” to start looking at Windows Phone development .. so that’s exactly what I’m doing! ;-) I talked to one of my student (thanks, Casper Kønigsfeldt Christensen) about good ressources for beginning WP development and he suggested the following links: Win... [More]

Control your Android from any browser

AirDroid is one of the coolest (free) apps I’ve seen for the Android in a long time! AirDroid lets you wirelessly manage and control your Android device (a Samsung S3 in my case), from a web browser (read: Chrome). With AirDroid you can send/receive SMS, install/uninstall apps, transfer files betw... [More]

Transfer files from HTC Desire to PC using WiFi

You gotta love the HTC Desire :-) .. Transferring files to / from the device to Vista or Windows 7 is as easy as: Connect your Desire to your WiFi network Download EStrongs File Explorer from Marked Create a share on your PC, for easy access give “everyone” ... [More]

Slide Screen for Android

If you’re an Android fan (as I am) and thinks the stock homescreen is really not that great/usable, you should take a look at SlideScreen SlideScreen is a homescreen replacement, which totally changes how you use your phone. The cool thing about SlideScreen is t... [More]

Free MSN on your Sony Ericsson

If you're MSN fanatic and want to be able to chat when you're on the move, you might want to take a closer look at eBuddy Mobile Messenger Beta which is a free mobile Messenger Application capable of connecting to MSN, Yahoo! and AIM networks. I'm running it on my K810i and it works perf... [More]