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TechEd 2008 - Day 4

Today I heard more about ADO.NET Data Services, which is really cool stuff. The PPTX file from the Session (called "Building and consuming REST-based data services for the Web") is available for download: WUX313_Flasko.pptx (2.59 mb) A few 'mood images' from the 4th Te... [More]

TechEd 2008 - Day 3

3rd day at TechEd, which also was the day for the "Country Drinks" meeting at Buda Bar. ..but first a PPTX from one of the more interesting Sessions:  eCommerce and Microsoft's next generation Web (2.33 mb) And a few images from day 3...  Rushing between... [More]

TechEd 2008 - Day 2

Tons of cool stuff today. Below are some of the PowerPoints from some of the sessions I attended (due to the pretty slow WiFi at the hotel, only a subset is available!) Microsoft_Silverlight_2_for_Mobile_MBL308_Sardo.pptx (1.16 mb) Data-Centric_Web_Applications_WUX311_Carter.pptx (1.26 mb)... [More]

TechEd 2008 - Day 1

Welcome to TechEd EMEA 2008 The registration area / hall One of the many WiFi areas I've arrived at TechEd 2008 - The keynote is in less than 2 hours and lunch is, well .. now actually .. I've taken a few images and are planning to upload new images and links everyday (if th... [More]