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Need to install a new PC with Windows 10?

If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10, you can use the Windows 10 media creation tool to either burn a DVD or create an ISO file. This tool will download Windows 10 and will work on PC’s running Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 – if you prefer to do a “clean install” of Windows 10 on your PC, instead ... [More] is now live!

Kim Jensen have released the first version of his new awesome text placeholder service as he writes on the site: is a super simple, free service that automatically adds placeholder text into your HTML templates, mockups, or websites during development. It's practically the LoremPixel ... [More]

New (free) ebooks on Microsoft Virtual Academy

Interested in learning about Windows Server 2012, Building Cloud Apps using Microsoft Azure, Windows 8.1, creating applications using Xamarin.Forms, Programming Windows Store Apps … or more-or-less any other topic related to the Microsoft platform? – take a look at all the free books from Microsoft ... [More]

Lenovo Carbon X1 (2. generation) and PrtScn key

This may seem a bit “off topic”, but after having read numerous articles and blog posts about the Lenovo Carbon X1 (2. generation) and everyone is complaining about the missing PrtScn key on the keyboard .. I just wanted to let all my fellow Carbon X1 owners know, that if you press (and hold) the Fn... [More]

It’s pretty safe to use CSS3 on your website!

Today most browsers support CSS3 / HTML5 (..even though the biggest limiting factor of course still is – older – versions of Internet Explorer!) And with the vast array of online CSS3 generators there really is no excuse for still using PNG and other old techniques to achieve dropshadows, rounded co... [More]

Composite C1 - THE best open source .NET CMS?

I’m in the process of making a small website for a customer and after KimJ have recommended Composite C1 several times, I figured it was time to give it a go! Composite C1 was originally a commercial CMS (develop by Danes), however this changed September 2010 where it became free and open source, of... [More]

Awesome free book site!

Just talked to Kim (thank you so much for the link!) on Skype and he mentioned a very cool link: The site (as seen below) contains tons of free e-books about programming and web technologies: If you’re into C# – Be sure to check out this free book: Ultra-Fast ASP.NET 4.5,... [More]

Windows Phone development

As a .NET developer it’s kind of a “no-brainer” to start looking at Windows Phone development .. so that’s exactly what I’m doing! ;-) I talked to one of my student (thanks, Casper Kønigsfeldt Christensen) about good ressources for beginning WP development and he suggested the following links: Win... [More]

Microsoft Virtual Academy–free learning from Microsoft Experts

This is mostly related to those of my students who are interested in learning Microsoft technologies: Take a look at the Microsoft Virtual Academy which offers “Free Microsoft Training Delivered by Experts” as stated on the website: This site includes 100s o... [More]

Get 3 Months Free at Code School

If you’re interested in coding, you might want to check out this offer from New Relic. Thanks to REL (Rene) for mailing me this :-)