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Kim Jensen have released the first version of his new awesome text placeholder service as he writes on the site: is a super simple, free service that automatically adds placeholder text into your HTML templates, mockups, or websites during development. It's practically the LoremPixel ... [More]

Microsoft Virtual Academy–free learning from Microsoft Experts

This is mostly related to those of my students who are interested in learning Microsoft technologies: Take a look at the Microsoft Virtual Academy which offers “Free Microsoft Training Delivered by Experts” as stated on the website: This site includes 100s o... [More]

Control your Android from any browser

AirDroid is one of the coolest (free) apps I’ve seen for the Android in a long time! AirDroid lets you wirelessly manage and control your Android device (a Samsung S3 in my case), from a web browser (read: Chrome). With AirDroid you can send/receive SMS, install/uninstall apps, transfer files betw... [More]

Keep Firefox open when last tab is closed

If you use Firefox a lot (as I do!) you may (as I do!) find it annoying that the browser closes (quits) when the last tab is closed. To fix this we need to type about:config into the address bar and find the browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab entry in the list. The value is be default set to true,... [More]

Popular freeware applications

SnapFiles have put together a great collection of popular freeware applications that have remained free for many years – actually, I use quite a few of these:

Cool preview of Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Adobe has also released bunch of cool webfonts (visit – however as a proper preview of the fonts are lacking, my cool friend Kim Jensen have made a nice little tool to do just that (preview the fonts) – check it out at: Nice work, ... [More]

ASP.NET Viewstate Viewer add-on

If you’re a ASP.NET (WebForm) web developer and you worry about Viewstate (which you should!) – you might find this Firefox add-on very useful: The add-on displays the viewstate of the current ASP.NET page in the stat... [More]

Transfer files from HTC Desire to PC using WiFi

You gotta love the HTC Desire :-) .. Transferring files to / from the device to Vista or Windows 7 is as easy as: Connect your Desire to your WiFi network Download EStrongs File Explorer from Marked Create a share on your PC, for easy access give “everyone” ... [More]

Firefox Addon – Cool add-on for SEO work

Came across a nice little plug-in for Firefox today while working with SEO optimization: Meta Description & Title on Top The add-on adds Description, Keywords and Title of the current page to the top for easy viewing, like this: Really useful when browsing your site and making sure you’re “... [More]

WebMatrix – alive again!

After about 7 years, Microsoft have decided to re-activate WebMatrix aka “The Matrix” :-) WebMatrix is everything you need to build Web sites using Windows. It includes IIS Developer Express (a development Web server), ASP.NET and SQL Server Compact (an embedded database). It streamlines Web site d... [More]