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Enable Hibernate In Windows 7

My new Windows 7 install would not hibernate (which is really a nice feature, especially when hibernation is awesome fast using a SSD disk). Anyways, after a bit of fiddling I found the solution – to enable hibernation do the following: 1. Open Command Prompt (with Administrator rights if UAC is e... [More]

Windows 7 Libraries - Using network share locations

By default Windows 7 will not let you use a network share in “Libraries” unless it is either available offline (which kind of deny the purpose of a network share!) or it is indexed. However, using some good old DOS/Shell tricks you can easily use network shares in “Libraries” anyway .. here how: 1... [More]

Assign a Shortcut Key to the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista

This one is mostly for myself (a reminder to do this on all my PCs):

Windows 7 shortcut keys

Windows 7 with the new Taskbar has a number of new and nice keyboard shortcut which will make your everyday life much easier. The most useful ones are… Window handling Windows + Up Arrow – Maximize window Windows + Left Arrow – Snap window to left side covering half of desktop space. Continu... [More]