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Assign a Shortcut Key to the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista

This one is mostly for myself (a reminder to do this on all my PCs):

Disable "This page has an unspecified potential security risk" dialog

Have you ever right-clicked on a file from a mapped share and gotten this really irritating popup message from Windows? Even more annoying, when you try and drag and drop files from a network share, you get another popup asking "Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?" The HowT... [More]

Unable to Log into network shares on Vista

I had a very strange problem the other day. I tried to connect to a share on a Windows embedded device (a Lacie NAS), however no matter what I tried my Vista (64bit) would not connect, but my laptop running Windows XP had no problem. I found out that if you cannot authenticate when accessing a ... [More]

Windows Vista - Free Screen Capture Tool

Did you know that Windows Vista has a free screen capture tool? Its called the Snipping Tool. Well .. if you're tired of pressing Alt+PrintScrn, take a look at this!  

Mount an ISO image in Windows Vista

Vista does not mount ISO files by default, which is kind of strange when Microsoft delivers e.g. Orcas Beta2 as an IMG file. However, a utility called Virtual Clone Drive takes care of this. The utility will let you mount .ISO, .CCD, .DVD, .IMG, .UDF and .BIN files. Please note that this ut... [More]

Additional media for your Vista license

It's possible to get your Windows Vista license on an altenative media, and even convert your 32-bit OEM version to a 64-bit! - Check out this site for more information:

The joy of Vista Preview Pane

  One of the best (and probably most overlooked features of Vista) is the "Preview Pane" (in Explorer Menu: Organize > Layout > Preview Pane), which makes it really easy to see the content of files without having to open the actual Application (as a sidenode, I saw a video ye... [More]

Use arrow keys in Windows Alt-Tab task list

Windows Vista introduces small improvements in many aspects of the GUI - One I would like to point out is the ability (at last!) to use the arrow keys to navigate in the Windows Alt-Tab task list .. very nice, when you have a lot of applications running. They've also changed the dialog so ... [More]

Burn ISO files in Windows Vista/XP

Phew .. been a while since I've had time to do some Bloggin' - been busy at work with the new Sonofon website, planning my upcomming holiday to Siggraph (the largest 3D event in the world) and poking on a 'heavy-duty' ASP.NET AJAX Web Application :-) .. Anyway, time to start writing ... [More]

Windows Defender problem with Microsoft Update

There seems to be a problem with updating Windows Defender when using Microsoft Update instead of Windows Update in Windows Vista. The problem becomes apparent when Windows Defender puts up a warning in the system tray that its signatures are not up to date. The problem got my attention yester... [More]