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Burn ISO files in Windows Vista/XP

Phew .. been a while since I've had time to do some Bloggin' - been busy at work with the new Sonofon website, planning my upcomming holiday to Siggraph (the largest 3D event in the world) and poking on a 'heavy-duty' ASP.NET AJAX Web Application :-) .. Anyway, time to start writing a bit again!

I've just downloaded the beta 3 of Windows 2008 server (aka "Longhorn") and are planning to install it on my old ShuttleX - The download is in the form of a 1.8GB ISO file, however Windows Vista does not native support burning ISO files .. after a bit of Googling I stumbled upon this great little utility from the Vista PowerToys group called ISOrecorder .. approx. 300KB download and then burning ISO files is a matter of right clicking the file in Explorer - Enjoy!!

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