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I was sitting quietly .. minding my own business .. listning to "P3" the #1 danish radio station - The clock turned 07:00 and the hourly news comes on - Nothing new really: A number of people killed in riots in the 3rd world, a guy was stapped last weekend in Copenhagen and yet another global warming convention .. and once again I'm amazed by the fact that the big lie of global warming refuses to die when almost all studies (not to mention common sense!) shows that solar activity is far more influential on global warming and cooling than any other man-made or natural activity on Earth.

I might be wrong of course, however after having read a number of articles about the matter, e.g. "Nine lies about global warming", watching both the BBC documentary and The Great Global Warming Swindle film, I'm pretty convinced that there are forces far more superior than mankind which influences the climate!

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