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New theme and more content!

I finally found the time to upgrade my blog to the most current version of BlogEngine.NET

Old to New design

As you can see I also switched to a new design in the process - and I have decided to change a few things around here:

  • I will begin publishing a newsletter (signup form is coming very soon!) – I’m planning on twice a month, but time will tell… UPDATE: It’s now possible to sign-up!
  • I have “reactivated” my Twitter account (been a member since 2009 but never actually been using it much – this will change!)
  • I will write at least one blog post per week! (probably more!)
  • I have enabled the commets system once again (as the new version have better spam-comments capabilities),so feel free to write comments and I will respond to any questions etc.

The focus of the blog will not change much – I will still write about C#, ASP.NET, Web development tools and Windows utilities in general

Hope to see you all on the mailing list (just need to read up on the mailchimp stuff)

Enjoy! :-)

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