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Using Apple Keyboard on Windows 7 / mapping keys

Today I bought a new keyboard for my Windows PC. I’ve been considering buying an Apple Keyboard for quite a while for a couple of reasons:

1) The keys are really nice to use for a long period of time
2) It looks really nice!
3) It does not take a lot of space on my desk
4) It has build-in USB hub
5) It has a nice “laptop” feel to it (and is almost totally flat)

The keyboard is plug-n-play with Windows 7 (and Vista), so no problem there, however - since I’m not a Mac user - I had to re-map some of the keys on the keyboard to fit Windows 7 usage.

I used a program called “SharpKeys” which can be found at CodePlex here:

It’s really easy to use and all settings are written to Registry (so no programming will be running trying to “catch” your input, Windows supports re-mapping).

Below is a screenshot of which keys I have chosen to remap:


The names are pretty easy to figure out, however the 00_67-00_6A is Function key F16-F19. Of course I choose to swap the Macs “cmd” key and Alt in order to have the “Windows” key positioned correct (left) and for the right side of keyboard the "Alt Gr” key is also swapped into it’s correct location (“pc style”).

By the way .. the danish version of the keyboard look like this:


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