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Kim Jensen have released the first version of his new awesome text placeholder service as he writes on the site: is a super simple, free service that automatically adds placeholder text into your HTML templates, mockups, or websites during development. It's practically the LoremPixel or PlaceKitten equivalent for text content.

Kim and I was attending TRSAC 2014, each working on seperate web-development projects, and I needed some ”lorem ipsum” text for my site, and complained to Kim (who is THE best JavaScript developer I know!) about why anyone have not created a ”lorem ipsum” text generator based on JavaScript which injected text on-the-fly using client-side JavaScript, and hence not polluting the HTML markup – Kim, being the JS guru he is, quickly build the first prototype and we discussed and tested how a service like this should work. And now a couple of months late – as kind of a cool christmas gift to all web developer around the world! – he has just released the first version!

I for one is very thankful for this awesome gift – be sure to check it out at  .. and a merry Chrismas to all.

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